Reader comments on Uncorrected Proof

A sly poke at genre fiction, literary untouchables and the publishing industry. Even though I wasn’t able to pick out all the literary styles — and frankly I was so into the story it didn’t matter — when I was able to pick up on an author or style it just added to the fun. A thoroughly enjoyable pulp story…

Paul Duran, LA director and writer (Flesh Suitcase and The Dogwalker), Los Angeles

I found your book very refreshing… very readable but also so postmodern and referential. I delighted in your sources. You should come out west and do a reading sometime.’

Richard Olafson, Editor, Pacific Rim Review, Victoria, B.C.

‘A splendidly maintained & protracted metafictional elaboration

Tom Gibbons, painter, writer (Rooms in the Darwin Hotel) and academic, Perth

Quite an extraordinary work.’

Eric Willmot, author of Pemulwuy and Below The Line, Melbourne

Uncorrected Proof, by the wonderfully-named Louisiana Alba … I’d read it. If I were reading anything.’

Katy Evans-Bush, Poet, from her blog Baroque in Hackney

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